Top Seven Things to Do in San Francisco in a Weekend

Are you searching for the ultimate weekend getaway? San Francisco is your ideal destination. The Golden Gate City is the setting for more TV shows and movies than any other city in the USA for a reason. There are so many wonderful things to see… Read More

What Giant Redwood Forest is Closest to San Francisco?

If you’ve never seen a towering redwood tree in person, it’s an absolute must-do. These gentle giants have been growing, here in California, for millennia. It’s almost like they’ve been waiting for your visit! If you’re looking for a redwood forest near San Francisco, you… Read More

San Francisco Golden Gate Bridge and Friends

Extranomical Tours Earns TripAdvisor’s Hall of Fame Award

Wow! Nothing is more helpful to discerning travel planners than reviews shared by real people. That’s why we are thrilled that TripAdvisor inducted Extranomical Tours into their Hall of Fame for 2019. This award goes only to tours and attractions that have qualified for Certificates… Read More

Nevada Falls

Yosemite Waterfalls in Spring: Our Top Ten List

By Staff assisted by Gino Zernitskiy “When’s the best time to visit Yosemite?” “How can I see the Yosemite waterfalls?” We get questions like these a lot at Extranomical, and in this article, we’re going to give you the answers! The Yosemite falls are, well,… Read More

Majestic Yosemite Welcomes Back Visitors!

For nearly a month, the Ferguson fire raged and threatened. After consuming over 95,000 acres of pristine wilderness, it is nearly exhausted. The re-opening of Yosemite National Park is a testament to the power of community. Whether they are aware or not, future visitors are… Read More

Best time in Yosemite

What is the Best Time to Visit Yosemite?

It’s a tricky question. Actually, the best time is when YOU are there! There isn’t any “officially proclaimed” best time to visit Yosemite. The park is fantastic all year round and no matter what season you choose to go, there are magical moments to be.… Read More

Majestic Yosemite Valley. See it! Feel it!

Majestic Yosemite Valley. See it! Feel it! We got such awesome feedback to our Monterey map, we thought, “Why not create another?” So, we asked our Expedition Leaders to create a “best of” map for guests taking a 1-day or 2-day tour from San Francisco… Read More

Our Giant Redwoods Have Waited Thousands of Years to Get Crossed Off Your Bucket List!

Our Giant Redwoods Have Waited Thousands of Years to Get Crossed Off Your Bucket List! These trees have been standing around a long time—up to 2,000 years!  It’s best not to keep them waiting any longer. Even if you are planning just a 1- or… Read More

OMG, Yosemite Falls Like Never Before

There has never been a Yosemite Valley like this before!  After years of drought, the Park’s snowpack is melting and making something truly spell binding. There are hundreds of ephemeral waterfalls (Big word! It just means temporary) that will be flowing for a bit longer… Read More

Happy Birthday Yosemite!

Happy 150th Birthday to Yosemite National Park! And after all these years, it’s the best-looking 150-year-old around! So what’s it to visit Yosemite? What is it about Yosemite which has sparked the imagination of visitors for over 150 years? Imagine seeing the biggest trees you’ve ever… Read More