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Ultimate Guide to the Best Napa Valley Wine Tours and Tastings

An insider’s take by Napa Valley tour guides by Randall Reeves and company It is hard to top winery tours and wine tasting in Napa Valley, California. The region’s incomparable soils, topography and ideal climate have helped generations of passionate winemakers to create some of… Read More

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Top Seven Things to Do in San Francisco in a Weekend

Are you searching for the ultimate weekend getaway? San Francisco is your ideal destination. The Golden Gate City is the setting for more TV shows and movies than any other city in the USA for a reason. There are so many wonderful things to see… Read More

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Now taking reservations for the ‘Napa Reserve’ tour from San Francisco

Even if you’ve been to the California Wine Country before, you’ve not done it like this. March 12th marks the first day of the most elite wine country experience from San Francisco. By special arrangements, small groups of guests will be treated to a full… Read More

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Add this California Wine Country and Muir Woods Tour to your Bucket List

Guest post from Janine Good  Post with permission from  It isn’t often that you can honestly say you get the best of both worlds. When it does happen, your mind spins in circles on how this can possibly be true. Well, when travelling through California, we… Read More

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Touring California’s Wine Country: What to Know Before You Go

Touring California’s Wine Country: What to Know Before You Go When beginning a California Wine Country tour from San Francisco, my guests all tell me they love wine. Not surprising. A bit closer to Napa Valley, when I ask what varietals or characteristics they most… Read More

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What to “Know Before You Go” On Your Wine Country Tour

What to “Know Before You Go” On Your Wine Country Tour California wine country tours can be magical, once-in-a-lifetime experiences. Whether you are an amateur or aficionado, brushing up on your Napa and Sonoma awareness before you go can help the trip live up to… Read More

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Grape Harvest is Magic Time in Napa!

Every year, the changing colors of autumn bring something truly magical to the Napa & Sonoma Wine Country: The Grape Harvest! When imagining the grape harvest, you may think of images of foot stomping, and Lucy and Ethel falling over in a wooden vat of crushed grapes.… Read More

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Fall Trip to Wine Country

Fall has arrived and it’s harvest season in California Wine Country. Wine tasting in California is a must-do. This is the time of the year when the grapes are harvested and the wineries can turn their crops into delicious bottles of wine.  extranomicalGary Lillian is… Read More